TODAYthe T*pster …..  of  YESTERDAY

Who is the Tipster? This unique seven letter word not only defined who I was, it fit its purpose to a “T”! That was it filled my business requirement to a “T” as: 1 (900) TIPSTER, was available, and became my legendary calling card over the next two years. That was forty years ago and thousands continue to use that title like it was my birth name.


I have created a simple yet comprehensive approach to finding the best writing opportunities today. Whether you’re looking to begin a writing career or propel an existing one, I intend to elevate your efforts with qualified secrets most successful writers refuse to divulge. This course is seriously different, packed with solid recommendations and simple to understand samples. I’ll send you to the right places and lead you through the process of getting the writing assignments you are searching for.

My Love Of Writing

While attending college in the early seventies, I had a syndicated column in our underground campus newspaper called “Deformed Comix”; and, it was there that my love of writing began. Now, in retirement, I’m hoping to fuel new careers or reignite floundering ones with a compelling “how to” course unlike anything else on the internet. This course includes personal leisure, work and life building skills that will set you apart in today’s changing world.

The Aftermath Of A Pandemic

Working from home will be the new norm in an ever-adapting environment, due to a new found confidence in the success and productivity that has already been evidenced. Life as we once knew it may never return and those ahead of the curve will benefit greatly.

The freelance writing industry is a two trillion dollar a year dynamism. The demand for good writers has never been any higher and the ability to find high paying assignments never so achievable. My concern is leading you to the kinds of high paying opportunities you are seeking.

My focus is on the future. I promise to sharpen your skills and prepare you like never before. My life skills will challenge and enlighten your lives. The trust you put into this course will lead to your success.  Furthermore, I guarantee your success will be the direct result of your desire to succeed.  (www.freelance-difference.com) /email: (thetipster@freelance-difference.com).  You may also read some of my free public offered posts at: (www.thetipster2day.com) .












































































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