Artsy writing

“Deformed Comix”

While in college during the early seventies, I was an editor for our campus underground newspaper.  Published weekly and distributed to over thirty thousand students it was a very real challenge and learning experience to say the least.  I also had my own weekly column in the paper titled: “Deformed Comix”.  All of my issues were more radical in content than anything else.  This was towards the end of the Viet Nam War and directly after major civil rights movements in the late sixties.  Hell, I was one of the lucky ones ending up #296 out of 365 in the second to last ever military draft.  Many of my childhood buddies were not as lucky; and,  some never made it back from the war.

I was able to have such freedom creating my column and of course, never limiting my range of subjects or content.  One thing for certain, it gave me an ardent need to publish every week.  My love of pen and ink drawing also enhanced my words and I, being the adjudicate voice, made it quite morally significant.  So my artwork, was always germane while the subject itself, was often quite emphatically stated.  Today, a column like mine would be far less shocking, but still very unique.  And, of course, it would still be considered artsy in style.

Writing with your own unique style

Today’s artsy writing, attempts to capture a certain uniqueness only offered from the writer.  The ability to create a new spin on something which grabs the reader in a unique way can be a powerful boost for your writing career.  This is one of the sought after effects that can land you a regular gig.

Don’t get discouraged if you find writing to be new, fresh and completely unique a challenge. Nothing and no one ever rose to the top by wishing and hoping. If you are most interested in being different, you already know that means you understand what it takes to succeed. Honestly, this work may seem difficult or even intimidating, but inside you hold that certain key ready to unlock the door to your success. Just think of all the television and movie theater shows you’ve watched in your lifetime, and conceivably you already know what makes a great script. Reality television wouldn’t be worth watching without great script writers.

Be original while doing what you know best

The surest way to find a unique writing style always starts with what you do and know best.  Readers want to be drawn into a new way of seeing things.  They want to be shown something original, totally impelling and different.  The philosophy being that one’s imagination should rule the pages of content.  The use of words that can change how a reader feels.

Starting careers can simply choose a topic or object and proceed to describe it.  Writing a story about an experience or adventure you had can be the simplest way for others to discover your originality.  Nothing can be more satisfying than to excel at storytelling.

Video is exploding today

Chances are that you’ve already watched a video today. Thousands of “how-to” videos, tutorials, new product introductions and household brand name stories are being created daily. All of these stories need a powerful script, and uniqueness can often be the deciding factor.

More importantly, writing video scripts can be fun and much more lucrative than most writing assignments out there. Online videos are and will continue to be growing in popularity so why not grab a piece of this work if you have what it takes.

Calligraphy and block writing

There are many job venues and clients searching for professional calligraphers and writers with artistic flare or talents.  Image and prose can be as simple as artsy block writing or even cartoon depictions.  A writer’s style can depict their personality and voice.  Quite often your style will determine your audience.

Intimacy of engaging words

“Imagine all lies were found to be words of truth, whose meanings were lost in translation.”  A simple yet complex line from a poem I read back in 1970 titled, “Verbal Massage”.  What really matters is the intimacy of the writer’s words to turn what once may have been viewed as mundane into something seamlessly, authentic.  The more fantasy and wonder a writer can draw their readers into is of utmost importance.

Places to research

Artsy writing can be found in the world of animations, cartoons, photographs, portraits, etchings or even holograms and lithographs.  You can go to websites like and to expand your horizons on this subject.  You may also look me up on and get further insights on what has been my “niche” for nearly fifty years.

In conclusion

The pandemic shut down Hollywood, sitcoms and even commercials. However, with the restart of movies and commercials by utilizing virtual auditions and enforcing stringent safety protocol have created a tremendous need for good writers to contribute.