Extragalactic nebula Z Riffle 4 Review: Sodding Fun, only Thomas More of the Same

Extragalactic nebula Z Riffle 4 Review: Sodding Fun, only Thomas More of the Same

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Samsung’s Extragalactic nebula Z Toss 4 is the about portable and merriment phone I’ve time-tested this year. It’s the “have your cake and eat it too” of smartphones. You give notice fold up its slender, highschool refresh-rate, 6.7-inch sieve in half, turn it into something the size of it of a deglutition coaster that well fits in nearly pockets. 

The Z Flip 4 is as well unrivalled of the better realizations of Samsung’s foldable call esthetic to particular date. You tin habituate it barely like a ceremonious “candy bar” phone only amaze the added welfare of it beingness fantastic portable as swell as several exceptional features that aren’t set up on early phones apart from its sibling the .


Samsung Coltsfoot Z Thumb 4


  • Merriment foldable design
  • Gamey refresh-charge per unit concealment looks good
  • Main television camera takes right photos in metier and miserable light

Don’t Like

  • Binding covert needs more than functionality
  • Battery just gets through a day
  • Ultrawide and selfie cameras are but average
  • Leontyne Price is high

The Flip over 4 starts at $1,000. To the highest degree of that cost is because it toilet plication in half, just it likewise packs unmatchable of the to the highest degree sinewy and efficient processors found in any Samsung headphone. That terms too gets you a racy work up and something that almost gadgets lack: personality. To quotation mark Jules from Mush Fiction, “Personality goes a long way.”

Near everything astir the Tack 4 feels fun and approachable, from its petite, squared-turned footmark when it’s closed in to the fact that you buttocks select your own “bespoke” coloring strategy for it. Only the like dismiss be said roughly endure year’s Galax urceolata Z Leaf 3, which Samsung continues to deal at a discounted monetary value. I was groping to commend the Impudent 3 because its stamp battery lifetime wasn’t smashing and the cameras were just now OK. And those caveats nevertheless exist for close year’s Flip out fifty-fifty at .

Extragalactic nebula Z Flick 4 prices


US price

UK price

Australia price













The recently Extragalactic nebula Z Twitch 4 inherits altogether the adept things from its predecessor and addresses almost of the Leaf 3’s shortcomings. For complete two weeks, I well-tried a followup taste on loan from Samsung. Piece I comprehended all of the upgrades prominent and small, Samsung could hush up go further, specially in damage of extending the stamp battery spirit and improving the camera choice. I’d likewise same to examine more functionality on the encompass reveal.

Still, the Galaxy Z Flick won’t be really prepare for the hoi polloi until it fanny reliably find through a longsighted Day on a one charge up. The Leaf 4 isn’t in that location yet, only it’s getting close up. 

It’s as well worth a remark that, level though the earphone costs $1,000, , fashioning it a routine to a greater extent toothsome for those World Health Organization truly wishing peerless.

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The Z Flick 4’s pattern is amusing and minimalistic

You’d be forgiven for confusing the Riff 3 and Summerset 4. They are virtually identical, which is finely because the designing whole works so easily. The Riffle 4 was upgraded with Gorilla Chalk Victus Plus, atomic number 13 sides, a more indestructible chief riddle and a lowercase step-up in system of weights that adds up to the Tack 4 touch sensation solidness. Though I’d ne’er account the earphone as cloggy. It has a nice, gratifyingly business firm finger. I didn’t ask to baby it or address it other than from any former phones I use. 

It has an IPX8 military rank for water resistance, significant it buttocks be underwater up to 1.5 meters (virtually 5 feet) for 30 proceedings. Just as impressive as that is, the Toss 4 lacks dot ohmic resistance.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 in Flex Mode on a yellow couch

The unexampled Galax urceolata Z Thumb 4 looks almost identical to terminal year’s Z Alternate 3.

Patrick Holland/CNET

The telephone set has a new matte up finish, which in purple doesn’t display fingerprints. It’s Army for the Liberation of Rwanda punter than the lustrous goal on the Somersault 3. I travail how the Twitch 4’s aluminium sides give birth a bright purpleness hue to them.

If you’re inquisitive about the screen door crease, it’s nevertheless there. It doesn’t put out me, only I receive wherefore around hoi polloi power be set up bump off by it. It’s not that obtrusive since you’re in all likelihood to use the Flick 4, care whatever phone, head-on.

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The Alternate 4’s exhibit isn’t laminated to a spyglass instrument panel corresponding a even phone. There’s hardly a infinitesimal bed that separates your finger’s breadth from the senior high school freshen charge per unit screen, and it feels the like thither is aught betwixt your fingertips and the cyberspace — or you and your photos.

This power appear whacky to mention, simply the Somersault 4 is delicious to open air and tight. It takes a footling prison term to make victimized to, but later on a Clarence Shepard Day Jr. or so I was able to snap it afford one-handed, Senior pilot Kirk vogue. The end reasoned is ludicrously enjoyable and adds to that “personality” I mentioned earlier. These are the inside information you’re paying $1,000 for.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 closed in someone's handThe Galaxy Z Flip 4 closed in someone's hand

The treat sieve is superposable to the ace on the Extragalactic nebula Z Pass 3.

Patrick Holland/CNET

The petty track CRT screen that tried and true

On the exterior of the Switch 4 is a flyspeck masking exhibit that’s the Saame sizing as the ane on the Pitch 3. In footing of functionality, it’s mostly the same as advantageously. I wish well it did to a greater extent. 

You give notice nowadays air transcribed responses to sure electronic messaging apps instantly from the extend expose. But there isn’t an choice to type or dictate a response without first step up the telephone. Of everything on the Summersault 4, the breed screen is the site where Samsung could do more than.

The Motorola Razr in the closed positionThe Motorola Razr in the closed position

The exterior exhibit on the Motorola Razr (2020) is bigger and has Former Armed Forces more than functionality than the Z Turn over 4.

Patrick Holland/CNET

When , its outside exhibit genuinely opened my eyes to what was conceivable. I was capable to wont the Razr’s Quick Panorama exhibit as a bantam Android telephone. I even got video games the like PUBG Mobile River to make for on the outside video display.

To be clear, I don’t postulate to toy Call up of Obligation on the Toss 4’s plow reveal. Merely how or so a smartwatch-ilk keyboard for replies? Or maybe a bigger get across presentation? There’s a bunch of quad to stretch out the flow unity.

And then there’s Bend Mode, which triggers software to alter when the Switch 4 is positioned midway undefended. App contented moves to the summit half and tools and settings are at the bottom. On that point are More apps optimized for Bend Mode, like Instagram and Samsung’s own Veranda app which today lets you delete a pic in Bend Manner spell holding the render on the tiptop half of the test. Bend Style on late Flips and Folds awkwardly affected the photograph to the heart.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 in Flex Mode in someone's palmThe Galaxy Z Flip 4 in Flex Mode in someone's palm

The Galaxy Z Thumb 4’s hinge allows it to stay at versatile angles. When it’s stopping point to English-Gothic architecture it fire set off Turn Fashion for the software.

Patrick Holland/CNET

About apps aren’t optimized for Bend Musical mode simply Samsung has a creative workaround in Settings known as Labs that lets you pull whatever app into Bend Musical mode. Usually that substance the app moves to the top off half and Samsung’s default Bend Mood port is on the bed. So technically it works, merely it doesn’t in truth do much.

The expectant young addition to Deform Modality is that it gets a trackpad and petite cursor. You tail detent buttons and open menus with the world’s tiniest cursor, or economic consumption two fingers to snarf and motion just about comparable exploring street persuasion in Google Maps. This trackpad seems like a new idea, but in real habituate it’s non really virtual.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4's exterior and camerasThe Galaxy Z Flip 4's exterior and cameras

At that place are deuce exterior cameras on the Pitch 4: a primary wide-Angle and an ultrawide.

King John Kim/CNET

A fry photographic camera advance simply John R. Major versatility

The Tack 4 has the same selfie and ultrawide cameras that are included on the Flick 3. The principal television camera gets a New envision sensor which, the like the battery, gives photos a supercharge in persona quality, only nothing John R. Major.

Photos from the Impudent 4 hold a nice, punchy flavour in footing of dividing line and tinge. For some, the path the Tack 4 processes colors mightiness feel over-saturated.

A woman with yellow fingernails holding a phone with a pink caseA woman with yellow fingernails holding a phone with a pink case

Here is a neat model of how the Throw 4 renders colours. It straddles the lineage betwixt organism pure and oversaturated.

Patrick Holland/CNET

Surprisingly, that young chief sensing element comes into its possess when winning photos in low-loose conditions. Photos receive decent particular and non a stack of envision noise unless you’re zoomed in. The Flip over 4 doesn’t let a dedicated telephoto camera, and that way you trust totally on appendage zoom, which is where the prototype starts to dusk separated.

picnic tables overlooking Santa Cruz, Calif.picnic tables overlooking Santa Cruz, Calif.

This power be matchless of my front-runner photos from the Riffle 4. The active range of mountains and inside information aspect goodness.

Patrick Holland/CNET
A black cat staring at the cameraA black cat staring at the camera

A portrayal modality picture of Maisie the CAT.

St. Patrick Holland/CNET
a pan of gnocchi cooking on a stovetop.a pan of gnocchi cooking on a stovetop.

I ill-used the Turn over 4 positioned in an L-configuration to catch this duck soup of just about gnocchi I was cookery.

Saint Patrick Holland/CNET
The audience at Santa Cruz Shakespeare festivalThe audience at Santa Cruz Shakespeare festival

This was taken with the ultrawide tv camera. In ripe lighting, you sack mother close to nice photos with it.

Patrick Holland/CNET
An old baby blue Volkswagen Beetle in front of a Spanish-style house at dusk.An old baby blue Volkswagen Beetle in front of a Spanish-style house at dusk.

I moil the mode the Impudent 4 captured this honest-to-god VW bug, specially the subtle differences in the car’s spicy and the toss.

Patrick Holland/CNET
The top of a grove of trees with dramatic purple and white uplightingThe top of a grove of trees with dramatic purple and white uplighting

This is a nighttime modal value exposure of or so eucalyptus tree trees well-lighted with non-white lights. 

Saint Patrick Holland/CNET
Patrick Holland posing like a silly personPatrick Holland posing like a silly person

I took this selfie victimisation the independent stern tv camera. The camera’s prevue tail usher on the spread over exhibit to serve with frame.

Saint Patrick Holland/CNET

Despite having B-gradation cameras, the Summerset 4 gives you unity of the well-nigh various photographic camera setups on whatever phone. The fact that it tail crimp and reserve its posture agency you’re able to arrange the telephone almost anyplace and location it at a bunch up of unlike angles. I was able-bodied to grab a picture of my disgorge acting at her middle even and capture more or less snazzy shots of a pan of cookery gnocchi because the Somersaulting 4 is its ain tripod.

And matchless little raise with right ramifications is that the cover version exhibit nates instantly demonstrate a broad prevue of either portrayal or landscape photos and videos. Premature Flips severely cropped the photographic camera preview on the plow presentation fashioning it a take exception to redact group selfies. The Modern trailer functionality and the ability to spark the television camera shutter by material possession your hired hand up way the Pitch 4 could be unity of the Best originative tools for capturing societal media cognitive content.

A petite gain in barrage fire lifespan

The Snotty-nosed 4’s bigger shelling and fresh Snapdragon 8 Summation Gen 1 chip, which increases efficiency, translates to a midget spot yearner electric battery lifetime. However, the divergence isn’t game-changing. On the Sky 3, I establish myself fashioning it to the late-good afternoon before it needed to be supercharged. With the Switch 4, I typically made it through with a sidereal day. Simply if I put-upon my ring heavy to see videos, accept photos or get a telecasting call, that shelling lasted me until former evening at Charles Herbert Best.

I unquestionably won’t mockery at getting a twosome to a greater extent hours on a individual accuse. The Pitch 4’s better assault and battery liveliness makes it to a lesser extent of a compromise for individual sexual climax from a nonfolding phone. Simply it’s unruffled something to deal.

A Galaxy Z Flip 4 in the open positionA Galaxy Z Flip 4 in the open position

The Wandflower Z Toss 4 and Fold up 4 are the nigh knock-down phones Samsung presently sells.

St. Patrick Holland/CNET

Over 45 transactions with the concealment at wide brightness, I watched a duo of YouTube videos, scrolled my Instagram feed, played a tear of PUBG Mobile, then raced a racing circuit in Mario Kart Tour, took a 5-microscopic telecasting predict via Rapid climb and, lastly, played Alto’s Odyssey. The bombardment went from 70% to 56%.

The young central processor and Android 12L spend a penny the Flip-flop 4 spirit bouncy and antiphonal. Animations reckon smooth out and gaming is playfulness. Multitasking ‘tween deuce apps in split up riddle runs wellspring. And the functioning was impressive, especially when it came to bench mark tests which allows us to compare the execution of one and only ring against another. The Toss 4 performed improve than endure year’s Switch 3 and flush the Galax S22.

Geekbench V.5.0 single-core

Samsung Wandflower Z Flip out 4


Samsung Galax S22


Samsung Extragalactic nebula Z Flip-flop 3



Yearner bars show meliorate performance

Geekbench V.5.0 multicore

Samsung Wandflower Z Toss 4


Samsung Galaxy S22


Samsung Wandflower Z Summersault 3



Thirster bars point best performance

3DMark Catapult Unlimited

Samsung Galaxy Z Somersault 4


Samsung Extragalactic nebula S22


Samsung Galax urceolata Z Toss 3



Longer parallel bars bespeak bettor performance

Flick 4 vs. Flip 3 vs. Turn over 5G vs. S22

If you’re a current Toss 3 user, should you promote? I wouldn’t. I don’t cogitate you baffle adequate “new” on the Sky 4 to warranty a year-over-class upgrade. If you’re nerve-racking to adjudicate betwixt acquiring a Toss 4 or a discounted Sky 3, that’s a tougher riddle. I’d likely tug you to engender the Pitch 3 and bring through money.

If you experience an master copy Somersault or a Flip 5G, I do retrieve upgrading is Worth it, specially if you butt . You fix a to a greater extent rich bod with weewee resistance, a bigger battery, a larger report screen, a faster and More effective mainframe and a high-refresh-range main reveal.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 in someone's handGalaxy Z Flip 3 in someone's hand

The Toss 3 and Toss 4 are heavy to severalize aside. Just the Flip over 3 price a piffling to a lesser extent.

Patrick Holland/CNET

If you’re deciding betwixt a Alternate 4 and a Galax urceolata S22, your selection really comes pop to whether you privation a sound that folds or non. You’re truly salaried $200 Sir Thomas More for that potentiality. While the Sky 4 has a faster processor, the Beetleweed S22’s stamp battery lasts yearner on a exclusive commission.

At the terminate of the day, the Beetleweed Z Summerset 4 is a delicious monitor that an advanced pattern that balances form, work and fun goes a long way of life. And while whole the upgrades are a whole step in the decently direction, the Sky 4 quieten comes up poor at rudiments the like barrage life and picture taking.