Write a great resume

Networking with professionals

Today you will find a number of professional resume builders on the internet.  They can be very helpful and some can be quite expensive.  I’m a graduate of a highly accredited private high school in the northeast United States.  Soon I will be attending a fiftieth  anniversary reunion.  Recently, the school opened a career networking tool for alumni.  Whether you are exploring majors, a career move or preparing for a job interview this is an outstanding tool for success.

The website is and is shared by over fifty major and many other smaller universities across the United States.  You can visit this site to see if your school is partnered.  If not, you can still gain access to this very powerful information by opening a free “LinkedIn” account.  Here you can watch actual videos of various interviews with professionals in a wide variety of careers.  Personal and revealing information from those that have gone through the process of what you now might be facing.  Testimonials, practical advice and a network of help at your fingertips.  Interviews sharing insights about their jobs, including the education, training and experience necessary to get hired.

How to differentiate yourself from others

On “LinkedIn” you can often differentiate yourself and get more attention by setting up your “Title” to do just that.  Once you’ve done that, you can focus on your “About” section which is a critical aspect of your profile.  When prospective employers land on your profile they will be looking for more than your name.  That makes the title and header image extremely important.  Then, if they scroll down, they should come to your “About” section which is where you will either make them read on or skip you.  That means your about section needs to grab one’s attention to pursue reading further.

A good practice here is to write about your ideal prospect; and, how your skills can help them solve their needs, problems, and challenges.  Yes, this will truly differentiate you from the pack!  More importantly, it will cover up any  lack of experience you might have.  Answer questions like: What your prospective clients are trying to accomplish?  What obstacles are getting in their way or hindering their performance?  Why and how you can help with that?  This will be your difference making opportunity, while others ramble on about their individual traits and so called accomplishments.

Document preparation and storage

It is a common practice for most writers to store their resumes, writing samples and other important documents on their computers.  However, these documents over time can eat up the storage space on your device.  Business forms and certifications, tax documents and other things like awards, reviews and referral letters also need to be kept.  You can download to an external drive creating various titled files.  The use of sites like “GoogleDocs” and a variety of others can be utilized; however, they can be limited in functionality.  This can hinder your ability to get assignments that require certain specs or style guides.  You never want undeliverable documents to prohibit job placements.

Cloud based platforms

Today there is an ever increasing use of cloud based platforms to store everything in a single, easy to access place.  Many of these platforms offer all of the advantages of microsoft “Word” with reliable and convenient formatting.  This makes it easy to upload a resume, writing samples, letters and more within a single interface.  Create, edit, and export PDF files, as well as, combine, expand, delete and review all portfolio holdings.  Furthermore, you can organize invoices, collection letters and tax forms with very fast and safe storage reliability.

Self publishing will be another reason for easy and reliable storage.  I will introduce you to one of the best options for this up ahead in chapter five.

Be prepared for the uncertain

How can you prepare for uncertain events and economic turmoil?  It is wise to have more than one resume.  This gives you options and allows for more appropriate resumes for specific job postings.  Another critical thing to remember is to continue to tweak your resumes from time to time.  Stay informed and updated.

With life as we now see it, remote work takes center stage.  Those of you who have always worked from home have a huge advantage worth emphasizing. Forces far more influential than you, such as a world-wide pandemic like covid-19″  knock the economy around changing the employment horizon.  The ever changing job picture is something you must respond to.  Previous clientele can become a casualty of the pandemic, leaving a void in your regularly scheduled assignments.

Updating your resume

Surprises do happen.  Always remain calm and prepared to act.  Updating your resume allows you to do just that.  It is always advantageous to be a step ahead of the competition.  You can get helpful free resume reviews from various sites.  I recommend a leader in this realm called “Ladders” (  Become a member and allow your partners to rewrite your resume.  Another more expensive, but worthwhile option is “Top Resume” (

In conclusion / Helpful tips

1) Be Relative and Updated (this keeps you from sounding too self-promoting)

2) Digital Skills (email proficiency, update and upgrade your digital communication ability)

3) Be Flexible and Adaptable (continue to constantly grow and create your own brand)

4) Referrals (always be asking for referrals, stay connected with your home base)

5) Core Trainings (access and explore all possible advancement avenues)

6) Your Websites (find the platform that makes staying in the spotlight a reality)

7) Be a Creator (post regularly on your blog, create the perfect domain name, stay in control of your readers and attract those you really want)

8) Stay Ahead of the Curve (keep updating your resumes)

9) Diversify (stay receptive to change, branch out by trying new ideas and concepts)

10) Stay Humble (volunteer, assist others with your skills whether through an informative white paper article or a You Tube podcast, create content that can lift others and the industry will take notice)

Change is inevitable

Your resume should be ripe with a medley of phrases that reveal your experience.  The length of your resume should be as long as necessary to convey your growth and accomplishments that make up your career.  Emphasize achievements and results that feature your leadership and value.

Writing is a business; but, quite often the use of soft skills, hobbies and personality traits can be the difference a recruiter is searching for.  Don’t leave out what makes you who you are.  Sometimes a connection can come from similar hobbies or skills not assumed to be important.

By exploring ideas critically and communicating effectively you will lead more intellectual lives.  Cultivate your talents, pursue your passions, engage creatively and compassionately.  Think clearly by being honest with yourselves and decide wisely.  Self-study, self-discipline and self-reliance are the ultimate keys to the challenges of an ever changing world.