ISK Vape gets disposable vape production license

ISK Vape gets disposable vape production license

E-cigarette maker ISmoke’s ISK Vape has been granted an e-cigarette production license after the Chinese government released laws on the administration of e-cigarette products earlier this year.

In early 2022, the Chinese government issued new national standards for e-cigarettes, requiring corporations that manufacture e-cigarette products to obtain a production license. ISmoke is licensed under the ISK Vape brand, and ISK Vape can be officially approved to manufacture vaping products via its own entity.

ISmoke absolutely supports the new policy, which goals to make sure that all current disposable vape manufacturers are able to operate in full compliance with related regulations. ISmoke’s goal is to proceed to drive business models with technology, actively promote the lengthy-term maintainable development of the industry, and provide assist to customers and consumer bases around the world.

ISK Vape disposable vapes have been exported to more than 50 countries all over the world, they usually also provide clients with disposable vape oem. In 2022, ISK Vape launched the world’s first real disposable vape DTL product OOO! , and refillable vape. These new products will be launched in Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East and other markets, aiming to consolidate ISK Vape’s position as the worldwide leader in creating the lung-smoking disposable vape market.

About ISK Vape:

As a brand of Esmore, ISK Vape is the world’s most recommended resolution provider of disposable vape for DTL smoking. ISK Vape is based on the world’s leading mesh core heating technology, combined with style restoration technology and structural design, to bring users the final word taste and intoxicating experience.

About ISmoke:

Since 2013, ISmoke has turn out to be one of the largest professional disposable vape suppliers for DTL vaping in China, with millions of customers across the world.

With strong manufacturing facilities and professional R&D staff, ISmoke can provide all OEM and ODM customized services.