‘Sign of the Dragon’: Laena Velaryon’s Strange Determination Explained

‘Sign of the Dragon’: Laena Velaryon’s Strange Determination Explained

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of HBO’s  was shameful for a number of reasons. The  prequel sequence ended with a fervid eruption for single part. It was unexpected and non in a serious means for some. Let’s hash out in the spoiler-filled subdivision under.

Warning: Spoilers forrader.

King Viserys and a young Laena Velaryon walking through a gardenKing Viserys and a young Laena Velaryon walking through a garden

Tycoon Viserys was Laena’s low gear suitor.


What decision does Laena micturate?

Deuce grownup choices add up up at the remainder of installment 6.

Like to Aemma Targaryen, Laena Velaryon suffers a unmanageable childbirth, unable to pushing the babe out. The maester suggests to Laena’s economize Daimon Targaryen that he could “lay open the womb, try to remove the infant by way of the blade.” But on that point are no guarantees the sister or the engender would outlive.

Different Aemma — — Laena realizes what’s going away on other adequate to take aim matters into her possess men. Earlier Demon lavatory hold a say, Laena escapes the birthing elbow room and limps outside, importunate her flying dragon Vhagar to respire fervidness onto her. “Dracarys!” she commands — the High school Valyrian (language of the honest-to-god Valyrian Freehold) parole for “Dragonfire.” Vhagar hesitates, visibly baffled by his rider’s shocking postulation. Just yet he seems to read her hurting and helps to goal it, incinerating her in a mighty hell.

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Why does Laena down herself?

Unfortunately, ahead loss into labor, Laena was already in a badly situation.

We starting time gather Laena when she’s 12 days old, having been carted up to King’s Landing as a Young bride offered to King Viserys. Thomas More than trine long time subsequently Viserys rejects her, Laena reunites with the King’s younger Brother Daemon. Daemon, childless, had just now murdered his wife. He instantly takes a glitter to Laena .

Tenner long time later, the twin are marital with deuce daughters. Merely as House of the Dragon ne’er fails to cue us, sons are what everyone is subsequently. In a scene in front Laena’s death, she and Fiend speak just about the struggles in their matrimony. It’s a union that’s “slowly unraveling in the middle of nowhere,” according to the . Daemon is restless, yearning for dwelling (they stirred to Essos, crossways the Pin down Sea) and ineffectual to rest. They too discuss Rhaenyra, Daemon’s ex-lover, delivering some other Son. Laena understandably laments she hasn’t produced nonpareil for If you have any concerns regarding wherever and how to use , you can get hold of us at our web-page. Daemon.

“Perhaps, I too, am not the wife you would’ve wished for yourself … It does not pain me. I have made my peace.”

This vista appears to betoken what’s to fall. Fifty-fifty the aspect in which Laena speaks to her youngest girl Rhaena seems to render a touch of necessity exposition, qualification it earn Laena is bound to Vhagar, “the largest [dragon] in the world.”

In the birthing room, Laena overhears the maester separate Daemon that she won’t come through a caesarean section subdivision to murder the infant. Without being able-bodied to check Daemon’s reaction or listen what determination he makes, Laena immediately flees. This suggests she knows Demigod wish go through and through with the surgery, sacrificing her for the smallest encounter their baby leave live on. She thinks Demon wish get to the Lapplander alternative as his Brother Viserys and is “unwilling to go the same way Aemma did,” says co-showrunner Ryan Condal in the featurette.

“She’s a dragon rider. She wants to Die Aussprache Ganzer Film Germany Online a dragon rider’s death.”

It appears Laena, stuck in an unhappy marriage, thinks she’s leaving to dice no weigh what. Quite than go through and through with the surgical process and phlebotomize to death, she has the office to choose her ending, matchless that no prince or Billie Jean King decides for her. Albeit this suggests she sacrifices any chance, evening a lowly one, for her Logos to survive.

Laena Valeryon and Daemon Targaryen dancing in a hall filled with peopleLaena Valeryon and Daemon Targaryen dancing in a hall filled with people

Laena reunited with Demigod as a adolescent.


Some other reading: Daemon cherished to make unnecessary Laena

Laena’s birth prospect mirrors the Sami situation Tycoon Viserys faced with Poof Aemma. However, in this case, the maester doesn’t lay out Daimon with a potent happen his son bequeath hold up a C-surgical incision. Afterwards Daemon discovers his wife would cash in one’s chips from so much a surgery, he appears to reach a flyspeck throw off of his head, indicating he doesn’t will to go through with with it. Unlike Viserys, Daimon doesn’t need to jeopardy his wife’s lifespan.

Having moved crosswise the Specify Ocean to Pentos, ane of the Loose Cities in Essos, Fiend has “tried to remove himself from Westerosi politics,” according to Condal, “in a place where it can’t affect him and twist him the way that it always did when he was home.” From this perspective, it could be aforementioned that Devil besides treasured to aloofness himself from his brother’s determination making. He chooses not to give his married woman — the female parent of his deuce daughters — for an heritor.

On hearing more or less the birthing complications, Laena potentially feels disgrace that, in one case again, she mightiness not be able-bodied to bring forth Demon a virile inheritor. She decides to goal her life, later on weakness to meet the use she was brought up from a offspring years to respect.

Laena likewise appears to need the trump for Daimon. They hash out Fiend wasting wholly his prison term Reading accounts of “the same dead dragonlords.” Laena says, “But you are more than this Daemon. The man I married was more than this.” Laena appears to make undisputed the theme that she has frustrated Devil. By winning herself come out of the picture, she allows Devil to be free people to discover a fresh married woman and rich person some other bump at producing the male person successor he desires.

A deleted view with Daemon and his daughters

A mechanical press look-alike labeled to be from installment 6 appears to express Fiend speech production with his daughters on a Pentos rooftop. This setting might besides render a midget ounce of acceptance to the Reading Demigod loved his family, including his wife, and didn’t wish to date her brook. However, this vista doesn’t seem in the sequence.

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In the book

In George V R. R. Martin’s Fervor & Blood, the leger Firm of the Flying dragon is founded on, Devil isn’t unexpected to opt whether to put option Laena through and through a life-ominous C-plane section. Instead, Laena suffers a yob nativity and delivers a boy who, alike Aemma’s Word Baelon, dies later on a suddenly metre. Laena becomes seriously badly from heartache and febrility. Devil orders a famed maester to redeem her, but he arrives likewise lately. Laena attempts to tent-fly Vhagar peerless final stage fourth dimension before she dies but, worn-out and ill, she passes forth earlier she rear end compass the firedrake.