Why Choose Freelance-Difference?

Whether you are looking to earn extra money part-time or just beginning a career as a freelance writer, you have come to the right place to do both. With years of navigating through miles of website content I have done the research necessary to proudly introduce this course to you. With careful consideration, I have created a simple, comprehensive approach to helping you find exactly what you desire.

Many make false claims

Unfortunately, many others make false promises while they prey upon your desires. Some will go so far as to telling you that you don’t even need to have any writing skills or experience. Nothing could be further from the truth. Some tempt you with an inexpensive price that only allows you a glimpse of what they really intend to sell. Avoid any ads that state: “Get paid to write!” Or, “Learn step by step how to get paid to write!” And finally, “Earn a large paycheck without any writing experience!”

Find the best writing opportunities today

On a chartered path to success you must have both an unwavering trust and belief in, yourselves. I’m not going to do the work for you. On the other hand, I’m offering you years of proven life skills along with my never ending love of writing and doughty research. This course will lead you through the ins and outs of the freelance writing industry. Here I intend to fuel new careers and reignite common floundering ones with highly qualified secrets successful writers refuse to divulge.

Arm yourself for success

This course will help clear away many of the obstacles most writers face along their way to success. You will learn to write a resume that gets attention. One that leads to the kinds of jobs you’re looking for. The future of business is changing overnight. We may never see anything like this again in our lifetimes. The demand for result-driven writers, has never been as necessary as it is now and will be for years to come. Knowledge is priceless when applied appropriately. In today’s fast-paced world you need to arm yourself with all the tools you can get. New innovations will change the marketplace and only those willing to change with it will survive.

My promise

I promise only one thing, and that is a compelling “how to” course unlike anything on the web. Life challenging growth ideas that will change your futures. If you aren’t exactly where you want to be in your lives then it is time to stop sitting back wishing for change. There are plenty of success stories yet to be written. Recognize opportunities and take charge of your own destiny.  Don’t be the “Wanderer”!

The Wanderer
The Wanderer (Dion)

What’s holding you back

I always take great pleasure in the words I write, always walk down the path I choose and my life’s wholeness reflects it. And, you can and should too. If you are ready to change your life for the better, I’m here to show you how. Your lives grow in proportion to your courage. It’s time to make it happen!


     Fifteen Chapters of Life Changing Ideology

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