Wireless Routers – 6 Ways to Improve Your Signal

Wireless Routers – 6 Ways to Improve Your Signal

We have now all experienced the annoyance of our PC or Laptop shedding its connection with the wireless router in our houses – this guide will provide help to to reduce the possibilities of this occurring whilst additionally boosting the range of the router.

1 – Location of the Router

If potential it is greatest to position your wireless router in a location that is central to the area in which you wish to obtain a signal. If a router is positioned at one end of your house the signal has further to journey to reach the other finish – by locating the router is a central position this distance is reduced.

2 – Surrounding Space

It’s advised that you don’t place the router in close proximity to walls or giant metal objects as these might drain the strength of the signal thus reducing its reach. Even be aware that some cordless house phones have been known to cause interference with wireless routers – the same is true of microwave ovens.

3 – Exchange Your Routers Antenna

The antenna (or aerial) that comes as normal on most routers is “Omni directional – this implies that it broadcasts the wireless signal equally in all directions (360 degrees). This is fine if you are able to find your router centrally (as mentioned in Point 1) – however for most this is not possible. By upgrading to a high gain antennae that focuses the signal in one direction you can boost your signal range and strength significantly.

4 – Install a Repeater

A repeater merely boosts a wireless signal and sends it on its way – no more no less. These devices require no further cabling – to implement a repeater you merely discover a suitable location (for instance halfway between the wireless router and the world that has a weak signal) and energy the repeater on. It is that easy!

5 – Upgrade Your Routers Firmware

Wireless router producers usually upgrade the firmware (the in-built software) in their products to increase signal range and performance. These upgrades are normally free. To upgrade your routers firmware visit the manufacturers website and comply with the directions in your router model.

6 – Use Equipment from a Single Manufacturer

Whilst all routers and adapters are designed to work with each other you may usually see performance improvements when using both a router and adapter made by the same manufacturer. This is mainly down to the truth that some router manufacturers make the most of signal boosting techniques that only give optimum performance when used with adapters made by themselves.