Refresher quiz

1) List as many types of writing jobs you can think of. Note all that you wish to obtain.  (Chapter 1)

2) What is the first thing you would prepare when starting a writing assignment? (Chapter 1)

3) A freelancer’s typical cycle involves how many daily, weekly, monthly and yearly aspects? (Chapter 1)

4) A blog that reflects your love of a certain topic is likely to attract whom? (Chapter 1)

5) What is the most important part of your writing content? (Chapter 1)

6) Any worthwhile plan _______ and _______. (Chapter 2)

7) __________ is __________ . (Chapter 2)

8) It is very important to highlight what in the Summary section of your resume? (Chapter 3)

9) Is it helpful and acceptable to have multiple resumes? (Chapter 3)

10) Is it possible to earn money while you are still building your portfolio? (Chapter 4)

11) Make a list of ten positive affirmations. (Chapter 4)

12) What should dictate the choosing of your “Niche”? (Chapter 5)

13) What do the letters “WA” stand for? (Chapter 5)

14) List as many forms of social media you can think of. (Chapter 5)

15) What is “Medium” ? (Chapter 5)

16) What are some of the keys to creative writing? (Chapter 6)

17) Substantial demand created by your writing content can lead to what? (Chapter 6)

18) What makes artsy writing different than creative writing? (Chapter 7)

19) Looking at things in certain ways that make readers fantasize is an example of what kind of writing style? (Chapter 7)

20) _________ – _________ leads to real professionalism. (Chapter 8)

21) What is the name of a fully automated writing assistant site? (Chapter 9)

22) What is an example of a “warm call” vs a “cold call”? (Chapter 9)

23) A contract may stipulate multiple ways in which your rate of pay is accessed. What are some of those ways? (Chapter 10)

24) What are some factors that elevate pay rates? (Chapter 10)

25) Where can you go to find out what other freelance writers are charging? (Chapter 10)

26) What percentage is appropriate to add to your pay rate based upon expenses like insurance, supplies and other misc. business costs?  ____% to ____% ? (Chapter 10)

27) You want to make sure you properly track what on your spreed sheets? (Chapter 10)

28) Is it wise to mention multiple assignments to a prospective client? (Chapter 10)

29) Can standardized contracts be replicated? (Chapter 10)

30) What are some of the advantages of defining your business? (Chapter 10)

31) Should all of your business invoices be numbered? (Chapter 11)

32) Is it worth spending time trying to collect older past-due invoices? (Chapter 11)

33) What is a typical competency trap and what can you do to avoid it? (Chapter 12)

34) Is it a good practice to have identity and online privacy insurance? (Chapter 12)

35) Can assertive email practices yield any benefits? (Chapter 12)

36) Cliches are often used to _______ attention from the obvious. (Chapter 12)

37) Can significant benefits come from the words we choose when emailing prospective clients? (Chapter 12)

38) Attitude yields __________ ? (Chapter 12)

39) Where can you find free downloadable tax forms? (Chapter 13)

40) How often are you required to remit payment with form (1040-ES)? (Chapter 13)

EXTRA-CREDIT QUESTION:  Where can you go to communicate directly with the Tipster?