Target practice

Just keep writing as often as you can

Many writers I know have been writing in a journal just about their entire lives.  Just keep in mind the significant well being of a person totally committed to their craft.  Target practice should be just that.  If you don’t have a daily assignment to work on, create one for yourself.  And, just keep writing as often as you can.

Focus, prioritize and renew

Once again we will need to empower our self-discipline.  Focus, prioritize and follow through on every task and in all aspects of your life.  Import blogging on your web page will keep your clients in your corner.  The habits you acquire throughout your life will accompany you always.  Make sure you wind up with the desired outcome.  It takes great resolve to make the adjustments necessary to stop settling for less.  Renew those good habits we’ve incorporated into our lives and good fortune will follow.

Fittingly, our satisfaction will come from behavior prominently obligated to our professionalism.  Your capacity to grow and mature is testament to your many pragmatic undertakings of good habits.  Prepare each day with the focus warranted to process these habits into skills.  You want all those considering using your talents to know that you are self-disciplined enough to trust, and even possibly exceed all expectations.

Targeting clients

As new writers you may find targeting clientele your biggest obstacle.  This can be the result of many things, but quite often simply because you don’t have enough writing samples that you trust and believe in.  Try to refrain from writing for pennies by taking advantage of easy to find work at the content mills.

Develop a marketing system which fits your personality and know how.  Emphasize your talents, whether writing for some of the most useful and influential websites in your chosen field or by publishing your own relevant books in that industry.

Taking what’s out there and running with it

One of the best ways to incorporate daily or even weekly target practice is to do exercises in those types of writing assignments that are dominating the job boards.  Simply take what you see out there and run with it.  If that should be something familiar, then keep pushing yourself to impress.  Nothing can be more satisfying than honest appreciation of your own words.  If you can effloresce making yourself in demand, then you can definitely expect to raise your pay rate and know that your clientele will be obliging.

Never underestimate your value

With time you will create a list of those employers who have the most consistent jobs that excite and inspire you.  These will be assignments that utilize your greatest assets and help to let you shine.  You will also know those employers willing to pay what you deserve.  Never underestimate your value to a potential client.  There will always be many underpaid job offerings.  Even beginning freelancers don’t have to accept these assignments.  When you do accept underpaid assignments this can devalue your work.

This is your business

Always remember that you are in business for yourself.  You should approach finding clientele as they approach finding new customers.  Use marketing tactics that make sense to you, such as cold calling, blogging, emails and the use of social media.  A professional “LinkedIn” profile targeting clients in your niche is the best place to start.

Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are not nearly as effective.  Don’t get frustrated enough to cut marketing tactics.  Remember, the more lines you cast out there the greater the chance of hooking your next assignment.

There is no real need to do anything you are uncomfortable with.  If you like communicating with new people, then cold calling might work fantastically for you.  If you excel at email prospecting, this could be your way of finding the best writing assignments.  Simply find the method or methods that work for you and expand this usage to the fullest.

Landing the right client

When you find the right company, you will know by the way you relate to everything about it.  The knowledge and expertise you have will be on display because of this familiarity.  You will understand their principles, products and vision, helping you create an effective White Paper that can get you in their door.

In conclusion

1) Specialize

2) Create new and current ideas

3) Keep searching for new and optimal writing assignments

4) Become an expert at your craft

5) Keep growing your portfolio

6) Develop a strong marketing system

7) Take pride in your accomplishments

8) Promote and expand your business

9) Optimize your current resume

10) Keep writing daily