Brush off the cobwebs

Are you ready for this endeavor?

First, it is critical that you determine exactly why you are here.  Are you considering freelancing full-time?  Do you want to begin part-time or even possibly make this a permanent side gig?  If it’s a full-time career you desire then you need to ask yourself, are you ready for this endeavor.  Don’t do anything halfway; and, never get frustrated by doing the right thing without yielding immediate results.  The only thing that can come from dedication and hard work is success.


Are your finances in line to withstand months of low or even no income? Do you have a sufficient portfolio to promote and introduce yourself?  If you are in search of your first job can you meet your financial responsibilities until your first paycheck?  Do you need more time to build a portfolio and if so, can you earn money elsewhere while you do just that?  Remember, it is you who are the driving force to make this happen.  Your precautions are totally up to you.  Simply put, the preparations and commitment are your choices.

Make the proper design of your future

Define what it is that you want and take the necessary steps to get there.  Emanate your designed reality and don’t take your eyes off the prize.  Only then will you be able to take control of the number of work assignments that you can handle.  Only then will you know how to choose those assignments that excite and excel your career.

Resonate your skill-set

Regardless of how many writing samples your portfolio already has, it’s time to weed through them and refine the contents.  Previous works with positive reviews should remain; but, it’s always beneficial to include new and more diversified pieces.  Make sure your portfolio resonates your skills and has a serious air of confidence and professionalism.

This is obviously your chance to stimulate clients into offering you the kinds of assignments you desire.  Indicate to the reader with certain sample works which emphasize your skill-set as well as your proficiency to obtain these assignments.

Your distinctiveness should be on display

If you haven’t decided wholeheartedly which topics or styles most interest you then possibly fielding a portfolio of current popular subjects could help you land opportunities more readily.  This can be determined by simply making note of the most common job postings you’re witnessing.  Consequently, make sure your portfolio distinctively shows some samples that reflect those venues.

Eliminate distractions

Stay focused on whatever topics you choose and demonstrate your ability to capture and compose quality writings on those subjects.  Avoid distractions.  Unfortunately, the internet, social media and your very own network tools can and will be distracting.  Learning how to eliminate distractions allows you to produce the kind of work only a handful of writers are,  producing today.  Distractions always lead to shallow and common results.

Let’s face it, in today’s world, there’s  a fortune to be made off of your distractions.  Countless industries such as television, motion pictures, streaming services and more want very much to make you view their productions.  Worst of all, it’s these distractions that destroy creativity and focus.

Flow states

A loss of focus disrupts the ability to compose precise work.  Removing distractions requires great discipline and resolve.  This is the only way to to reach a higher state of focus than you may have ever experienced before.  You must remove all things currently hindering your efforts.  When you can do this you can enter a period of focus called a “flow state”.  A flow state is a physical energy spike with high-reaching awareness and ability to concentrate.

First learn to achieve these states as often as possible, then act factually during those times.  The more flow states you can produce, the more intense and productive your time will be spent.  You will also see an increase in your creative and technical skills during these elevated states of awareness.

Try something new

If you haven’t been satisfied with what you’ve been doing, it’s time to try something else.  Maybe enroll in an evening class to introduce something new into your life.  It can become very easy to do the same thing day after day, week after week, but if it’s not completely satisfying it will eventually obfuscate your existence and recovering could be overwhelming.  Instead, continue asking yourself what should I be doing to make sure you’re headed in the right direction.  Are those goals you set real?  Are they changing?  Hold yourself accountable if you really want to find the answers.  The truth begins with knowing who you are and what you really want.

Affirmations really work

Affirmations can program our minds.  Most of us, one time or another, have actually sabotaged own own success.  This was probably the result of negative affirmations.  The carrying around of the:…….I can’t(s)……I’m never(s)……I don’t(s)……I’m not(s).  The belief in any of those negative thoughts manifest themselves as truths.

However, if we program our minds to turn those around to:……I can(s)……I will(s)……and I always……then these positive affirmations will become our reality.  Success is really a state of mind, a choice, your choice!

Take nothing for granted

When it comes to job success those individuals that have their priorities set and stay focused on the task at hand usually prosper.  Top producers take nothing for granted making their voice heard through their words and actions.

It may be hard to believe, but the industry does have its share of slipshod writers.  It would serve you well to ask an employer for more time than to submit timely work that you know is inferior to what you could produce.  Keep your aim high, stay focused and remember you are the maker of your own destiny.