Your Name: (contractor)

Employer: (client)

Project: (assignment) The client employes the contractor to perform:

1) This should include a detailed description, including the possible number of words, drafts, pages and hours expected or specified.

2) Additions and/or Exclusions: Any necessary and acceptable additions or exclusions.  List all edits or revisions stipulated or inferred.

3) Time Constraints:  This should spell out all scheduled activities including beginning date, edit or revision dates and  finally end product delivery date.

4) Misc. Adjustments: This is where you would list anything that changed from the original documented agreement.

Payment: = Amount Due

1) Client agrees to pay controller $______/hourly / Not to exceed ______hours  OR  $______total cost for the above specified project.

2) Additionally, client agrees to pay contractor $______/hourly / Not to exceed ______hours  OR  $______total cost for agreed upon additions.

3) Contractor will immediately invoice client upon delivery of above specified project completion.

4) Client agrees to pay amount due in full no later than______days after receipt of invoice.  Client also agrees to pay a late fee of $______every thirty days delinquent.

Ownership Rights:

1) Client owns all rights to all delivered drafts and edits of paid-in-full work.  Client may use, modify, sell or reuse all paid-in-full work as the client sees fit.

2) Upon delivery the contractor relinquishes all property rights of the work unless explicitly given by the client for future use by the contractor.  (ie.) For the contractor’s portfolio use.

3) Client is obligated to acknowledge and attribute credit of all work product to the contractor ___never / ___first time use / ___always.


1) Contractor is obligated to keep all materials provided by the client confidential and private unless otherwise stated and agreed upon.

2) Contractor also agrees to keep all completed work product including all drafts and revisions confidential unless otherwise stated and agreed upon.


1) This contract is automatically terminated when all work product is delivered and paid-in-full.

2) Either party may terminate this contract prematurely for any reason with complete and accurate notification to the other party.  If this occurs the contractor will provide all finished work product completed up to that point and the client will provide prorated payment for all submitted work.

3) Al  prorated payments are subject to the same terms listed above, including scheduled time to pay and late fees.


CONTRACTOR                           CLIENT

__________________________                                          ______________________

__________________________                                          ______________________

__________________________                                          ______________________


Sign____________________                                                 Sign___________________

Date_______                                                                                      Date_______