Creative writing

Creative writing is never out of style

In today’s writing world as with decades before the need for creativity still rules the day.   Whether you’re an experienced writer or looking to break into the world of professional writing the more creative your work is, the easier it is to build an in demand profile.  Job postings for those more creative freelancers always seem readily available and often pay well.

Creative copy writing, blogging, social media and Ebooks are some of the hot spots.  Those with the talent for creative advertising have been able to sustain good livings as well as staying busy and challenged.  When you are able to  combine informative with creative you can attract much more work and often land regular material needs.


In your portfolio you want to show solid reasons why a client needs you to write and or maintain their blog.  Let’s face it, there are many reasons a blog can attract attention to an otherwise stale or stagnant website.  Creativity will always be the number one reason.  A diversity of creative published blogs is even more appealing. Take a poke at something you never wrote about before, but always had a desire to.

Creative writing educations

There are two year programs where you can get a degree online while you continue to build your portfolio and grow your resume as a freelancer.  As writers, we are always looking to understand the complexity of our lives and to hold on to the here and now.  Some of the courses out there are taught by many of the country’s best faculty writers.  This can provide you with tremendous mentoring and lead to new found inspiration.

You can continue to earn from freelancing and work in online workshop experiences, often with one-on-one feedback from published literary scholars.  These faculty members will also have extensive contacts to refer you to.  The tuitions will vary greatly among the various universities.  Many accredited schools will offer student loans.  If you are a recent college graduate without a reflective degree of your writing skills, this can be a once in a lifetime chance to focus on your craft.

Free writing courses

There are also free writing courses on the internet.  Most of these are geared towards adults looking to write as a hobby or find a new life experience.  Other low cost options are available from online teaching institutions like Stratford, Lafayette, and many others.  These can cost as little as a couple of hundred dollars per course.  However, you will not be tutored by professional writers.  Almost all of the options out there will challenge and improve candidates without any previous writing experience.  The aim here is to get accredited training so you can add this to your resume.  Use of such courses can result in creative and cultural advancements.

Be a persuasive consensus builder

The key to creative ad writing is the ability to be a persuasive consensus builder.  Creative copy writing is a basic understanding around creative ideation allowing one to develop and deliver transcendent text. You may accomplish this by using the full spectrum of your keen mental discernment to incorporate all of the desired content of a client. The key would obviously be, while evoking a utopian response.  Substantial demand created by your words will make you a viable partner and often trusted with future work assignments.  The ability to revive or generate new business makes you a welcome asset to any employer. In fact, over time you may become the steward of such an account.

Recurrent work assignments

It is the goal of many writers to land recurrent work that they fully enjoy and excel at.  When you are booked this way, client obligations could become as bound as yours.  Your compensation should also reach premium levels, as you  become a large part of their income source.  The work you submit must remain praiseworthy and productive.  Recurrent work assignments that pay well should never be taken for granted.  Your peerless content needs to continue to mature and influence your readers.

Ask for referrals

Stay sharp and extraordinary with assignments and/or practice every day.  Master your craft and always ask for referrals from those that complement your work.  Referrals can be the easiest way to expand your business.  Your writing is and always will be your lifeline, but good referrals can never be underestimated.